We are the sound thrown through a fog
The dice of a cosmic game
Where life in low regions of matter burns
Crawling through this bottom bog
Sacrificial lambs in a land of toss and turn
Cursed to reach sky higher
Cursed with our ever-present desire
Cursed with our hope and dreams
Boxed in always boxing it seems
With fixed laws gripping our blood
Seeking the particle code that will be key
We must answer all guestions of how we tried
In daring to choose our own hubris fate
In spite of how fate on our flesh is inscribed
Condemned to suffer so long as lovers
To only in the end see it does not matter
For does love sing our fulfillment forever
Or is forgetfulness the fullness of our fall?


~ by blueangelwolf on November 30, 2012.

16 Responses to “Condemned”

  1. I enjoy very much how you play with word sounds creating an intoxicating rhythm in the poem…

  2. Did you draw the wolves?

  3. Beautiful and extremely moving. Really admire your poetical gift. So good to read and feel.

  4. Not sure if it’s intended or not, but I love the subtle wordplay here, such as ‘fixed laws gripping…’ (fixed jaws dripping?) Amazing piece…

    • Yes, the “fixed laws” have much to do with “jaws” in that all living forms at the top of the food chain (and many if not all at the bottom) have to eat to stay alive, and thus killing is a large part of living. ….something for the higher consciousness to come to terms with.

  5. A native American story I heard the other day in summation:
    A grandfather was explaining to his grandson the nature of humanity.
    The young man had asked
    “Why do I make foolish mistakes? Why do I break the elder’s rules?”
    The grandfather replied that
    “In each human heart dwell two wolves- one evil, and one good. The two beasts are constantly battling for dominance over us.”
    This perplexed and scared the younger man who asked
    “Which wolf will win?”
    The grandfather told him simply:
    “Whichever one you feed the most.”

    Thank you for checking out my blog, it gave me the chance to see this piece of yours. Very cool, it invoked the image of the story above

  6. I love this poem

  7. Beautiful message and a very exquisite post, with its vibrant image! I enjoyed it immensely! P.S. thanks for the visit, i also plan to visit you more!


  9. Just when I think I have reached all the treasures on my wordpress searches, I find your words that take my breath away! So many layers of truth here – and while connecting to humans on the bottom of the chain, I also feel an archonic feeding frenzy beneath the surface looms.

    • Thank you so much Marga. I strive to remain above the feeding frenzy as much as possible. I believe the cosmic consciousness of compassion will see us out of the darkness. … day one day….which is in actuality in the Now anyway.

  10. Blueangelwolf, wow, you are truly a gifted wordsmith. I’m adding your site as a link on mine and you’ll be a delight to follow.

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