Anguished Hearts


What makes the swirling of the snow
Conjure the echo of ancient homing?
In spaces of real and imagined glow,
Of blood and sinew strong among the silver mist.

Looking to this maelstrom sky I fall in water flowing,
Overtures to earth new feathery white
I walk through days cloaked alone in black,
Gnawing to the bone a stoic knowing.

I see your face from that far distance pulling close!
Charged breath waiting in a violet dusk,
Armour heavy against your weary flesh,
Valour and honour now an empty husk.

In our miserable lack let us in obliteration dress,
As Circe’s children will forever wail!
And though we hold each other tight
We fight for something yet so frail.

Though ever loneliness groans in us as winter’s tree,
Waiting wraiths we are on edge of all distress,
Enchantment shuddering silent as owl wings
Catch the fire glow of a vaster consciousness!

A song familiar now being here with you,
Kissing the raw elements of savage night,
As sounds of this sad world sting to tears
Our anguished hearts!
Our anguished hearts into formless doom taken flight!




~ by blueangelwolf on December 2, 2012.

3 Responses to “Anguished Hearts”

  1. I love it… Your painted picture of sorrow and anguish is felt and I truly enjoy and appreciate the sentiment you express through your words. Enchanting and seductive a beautiful work of art. Thank you for sharing it! 🙂

  2. I love the world your words lead into, it has a dream-like quality that is quite lovely in its melancholy. I am still hearing those silent owl wings!

  3. I love the yin yang of the subtle shifts of emotions

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