Ghost of Christmas Past


I must go out and ride tonight
With a moon in her dreamy grace,
To search once more with second sight
There along the precipice of night,
For something softly sighing
In the shadow of another face,
Where a message has been drawn for me,
In lines deep of karma’s lessons true
Across the exile of a thousand lives ~
The way-stations of a lonely soul
Where all the light there was left,
Was a single scythe sharp and cold
Beating cryptic runes of an ancient will,
Into heart desires I alone wish to fulfill.

My spirit you have taunted now
With time-lapse visions of tomorrow,
And more lost now than ever to be lost
Am I were I understood!
Confusion takes the reigns as I ride
Out into the darkness seeking day,
To haunt the twilight and thirst the dawn,
I am mocked by a ghost of its cruel way,
As you play upon my tarot’s keys,
And tell me of my future mysteries.
I lay quietly in my oar-less boat,
Close my eyes and care not to stay afloat,
If what I gathered of the cosmic truth,
Now in age mocks the vision of my youth.

My soul to darkest ash enfolds to a rose,
And commemorates my restless ghost,
Dessicated and dried as it stares ahead,
Masked again to fall into a heavy birth
Again of crying and the hopes of mirth ~
A ghost still and still tethered to this earth!




~ by blueangelwolf on December 22, 2012.

6 Responses to “Ghost of Christmas Past”

  1. Wow, I can digg it. Very nice.

  2. I nominated you for the versatile blogger award.
    Thanks for reading and writing!

  3. Very deep and heart felt, your gift of expression resonates in my soul! Thank you for sharing your heart and love in your beautiful yet haunting words!

  4. Reblogged this on Why Writing Is Good For The Soul.

  5. I really enjoyed this. Superb.

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