Trust Love to Kill You


Break me as a cup of wine against a rock!
Why drink from me when the whole vineyard is waiting?

You have made of love a hunter
And in the anquish of seeking
The quarry has become you

When that arrow releases and finds your heart
Let yourself die

Then with Beloved shall be caught up
In soul’s trillion drops of rain
One wick burning in the rising




~ by blueangelwolf on January 12, 2013.

10 Responses to “Trust Love to Kill You”

  1. you have a fantastic Gift

  2. The title, poem, drawing – sublime! I am so curious how you created that drawing of the human form (but so much more) in the drawing…Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts!

    • The painting above here and also the painting in
      my “Craving” poem blog are examples of rorschach

      inkblots,,,,ink simply blotched onto one side of a piece
      of art paper and then folded
      down the middle, the resulting inkblot is symmetrical
      and can be used to create the central piece for a
      painting. I have been given some amazing images with
      this technique, quite by accident one could say, OR
      perhaps one could also surmise that a more quantum
      process happened between artist and the zero point
      field. The following poem, with very limited words
      tries to explain the process:

      Whale Angel

      whales needed an angel
      and this is how now I know:
      my blank canvas
      became the receiving apparatus
      into the universe tuned
      where all potential lies
      ready and waiting within
      quantum field zero point
      information waves flowing
      to the still mind
      from that sea artist listening
      within that sea whale songs
      waiting for the listener
      the blank canvas the receiver
      of potential seeking resonance
      the listener was waiting
      the desire was flowing
      the answer sought by whale songs
      to know through creation
      the synchronistic compassion
      the paint on the blank canvas
      emerging with the songs of whales
      in seeming chance and accident
      the whale angel rising
      resonates with paint and canvas
      with artist and whale song
      resonate in that quantum sea

      ……………in the end ~ still mysterious!

      • Well, that is more explanation and mystery at the same time than I could have ever imagined! You have found a vein, or are riding the current and sharing in words and images the nameless…how wonderful. In the act of opening to creation through this vessel, I have come to experience timeless flow and bliss, at times. Heart bow to you for the sharing!xmarga

      • Yes! Excellently described! Thank you! For me a metaphor of our very Lives as a work or art, if you so will, a “creating” as a verb rather than creation as a noun. Beautiful!
        With Mystery on our Way together in the experience of Creating ~

  3. such powerful words and amazing images. Love the line, “YOu have made of love a hunter” excellent work!

  4. Beautiful, and after reading it I was hit with the thought, your pen shares the ink of Rumi’s.

  5. Wow , This is really Amazing 🙂

  6. Thanks for sharing your beingness. 😀

  7. You know, I find much in common in the way you see. Sensual poetry and rapture-making. Beautiful and tender these demands are.

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