Fan God






~ by blueangelwolf on January 14, 2013.

7 Responses to “Fan God”

  1. The quality of your work full of questioning and the energy of life,

    • I went and bought the largest dog bone in town. I placed

      it under the ceiling fan. My dog looked at that bone,

      looked up at the fan……but would not touch that bone

      for two days, fearing retribution from his Fan God,

      instead that dog prayed and prayed, asking his god ,

      please, please may that bone be for ME………..religion?

      Dogs may surprise you…………

      • That’s funny….swirling wing that vengeful blade a down draft of Gods breath upon it’s fur, have mercy on me. woof

  2. Well said Bradley:-)

  3. Poignant poetry… samsara is just that way, lol. The 3D realm is just a playground for our senses, thinking being the 6th sense. Strip down to the core of our being and witness the wizard.

  4. To paraphrase Einstein: “I just want to know the mind of a dog, the rest is details!” Thanks for this – I feel like I’m right there ~

  5. Wonderful words and dog. Yes they’ll surprise and amaze you. I refer to my 12 year old Queensland Heeler as God’s dog, she’s a guru.

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