Come into my quiet indigo room
As you shut the door to transgressions
Gather to heart the pulsing
Of my hands like sparrows
Seeking their flight map in solar fields
Wings pray the organics of unity
As grasses wave to the moon wheels

Come into my indigo room
Adrift on our umbilical self
Everything glows fractal harmony dance
As you let yourself go up in smoke
Breathe deep and exhale your mind
All is met and seen as folly
Forgotten hidden treasures found
In all memories of your melancholy

Come into my quiet indigo room
Find your key to the universe
Unexpectantly and only in our now
As you shut the door to expectation
Labyrinth distance is resolved
Supreme lament of words is silence
When one plus one equals three
Bifurcated our forms will float
Two sparrows at last nesting one tree



~ by blueangelwolf on January 15, 2013.

6 Responses to “Unexpectantly”

  1. This poem was written as inspiration taken from the WordPress DP challenge: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/01/14/writing-


    ~~ The image is one of my original paintings in my celtic mythology series

    entitled “Seed Moon”

    ~~ Thank you in advance to my readers. ~~~ Blessings!

  2. You’ve done it again!

  3. Absolutely awesome!!!

  4. do you make these images yourself

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