Why Not Poetry




~ by blueangelwolf on January 18, 2013.

11 Responses to “Why Not Poetry”

  1. wow, strongly steeped tea, this morn 🙂

  2. The red wolf, fox bites and tears away its mercury spinning like the light of it’s mind. So close to the Sun invisible tide, the song of poetry dwells.

    • where is the lover
      when the Beloved enters the room?

      i have committed poetry
      lock me up and throw away the key,
      handed a sentence
      for life……A-Mused

      • Like a vapour that whispers the duration of time only a glint airs the power of the sun caught on a raindrop. The morning of desire once held to unite is relinquished by that light seen transparent within. Ascended through it’s disappearing collecting in the sky.

        One in Spirit Journey Well

      • Even though the world is in Delusion……….laughter is best drunk in the company of like souls.

      • I am drunk on the laughter from witnessing such delusion it is the key within me for finding true peace, so lets dance and sing to it ,eternal gate of freedom I am lighter than the breeze.

      • What burns in our brains burns
        From spewing caverns deep
        And volcano fire churns
        Our every dream we keep
        And every dream we let fly
        Like apple blossoms to the sky
        Comes calling in our tangled earthly cry
        As long rivers run our tears
        Where crystals keep we cannot seek
        As all the sun stars unveileth
        The black hole of mystery
        You and I one name haileth
        From out the apathetic sea
        Wash us clean with sapphire light
        And we will each to each
        Be our infinite delight
        In two heart’s high alignment art
        We in Peace become the Ark

      • Yes the ark of light these bodies that burn up through age and desire. That sounding bell inside that rings out the vibration of truth we are light,we are light. Such walls that thick flesh has made, on recognition disintegrate and time past time This body mine becomes just light. It’s tone accomplished to that harmonic sound the breath of the universe in and out, Ah I hear the laughter now

  3. Here at soul’s ridge crest
    Clarity weaves the wind
    Circle and spiral
    Inspiration clouds
    With talismanic joy
    As gathering begins
    Back to where we were
    Keepers standing ready
    For the new dawn of Love
    Heard will be the melody
    Which never ended
    Beyond duality
    The quiet mind
    The open heart
    Portals to allowing
    Red vehicles coalescing conduits
    Dissolving with desire into Source
    Our one golden thread from above
    Our one silver thread from below
    Our dream becoming dance
    Becomes this life we know
    Here at soul’s ridge crest
    Clarity weaves the wind

  4. Sublime 🙂

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