Dream Eyes


I awake in the night
Dark horizon laying heavy
Steeped in the sadness of your absence
My eyes flutter
And I shiver yearnings
Like small birds to where you are
Blown by a storm
To seek your warm embrace
Anew escaping ribboned into night
My dream-body floats away
To where you are beyond
That dark horizon over which
My star falls and falls
Seeking the earth of you
The earth of you shaking me up
Spinning me a blue lighted beacon
With my dream eyes open
You too conscious to the night
Steeped in the sadness of my absence
And too the joy of meeting
My flight to you
Each night anew
Your nocturnal flower
With you as always
To open the way
I answer when
When you call



~ by blueangelwolf on January 19, 2013.

6 Responses to “Dream Eyes”

  1. The references to dark horizon really add depth and a vivid image of what is happening in this.

  2. “Seeking the earth of you” and “My flight to you” – fascinating juxtaposition! I love the flow of expression is this one…

  3. I love the line “With my dream eyes open”- such a beautiful image

  4. Such beautiful lines. Love the line – with my dream eyes open. Thanks

  5. Thank-you so much for your visits
    And liking my page and the wonderful dream
    you leave with us all thank-you
    Have a Beautiful week
    Daniel angel from Cape Cornwall

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