Nine nights I hung a broken kite
On a bare tree with a blank stare
My side pierced bound and tied
Stern in cold needles raining bold
Hot winds telling of my sins
Lips aching for one sip
I became a pavlovian dog
Frozen in my heart my smile a lie
A shell to the bell of release
A sacrifice of myself to myself

When worlds break to me all see
I hung and sung that wisdom tree
That death may become thy poetry
Streets of strife to be Valhalla
To trace half blind every face
As future in the now is graced

Ride with me if you dare become
Ravens of forethought and wisdom
Shape-changing to bending whims
Hooves precise on a skin of ice
Journey a vision cacooned within
To know you will own your Ragnarok



~ by blueangelwolf on January 20, 2013.

7 Responses to “Odin”

  1. Knew I would love this one as soon as I saw the image. Wonderful telling of a story throughout your poem.

  2. I love the imagery:

    “Hooves precise on a skin of ice”

  3. I don/t know what is going on, but since I switched over to my own website everything is sideways with who I follow. I/ll get notified for some, but not others. The crazy thing is: there/s like 6 of us that formed a tight circle of support & all 6 don/t show up but most of the others do. I don/t get it, everything checks out. I just assumed you took a break. Guess I/ll just have to start manually checking in your blog.

    • This is really good by the way. I got a gnostic/norse/street fusion out of it. Who else could pull all three of them off in one poem? Ragnarok, haven/t heard that in awhile. Norse jihad right? Very clever piece

      • Yes you got it right Carl! Norse jihad. I very much relate to the whole original gnostic and norse world view myself. I lot of my inspiration comes from there, along with my own spiritual experience.

        Thank you for your insightful reading 🙂

      • The key word there being original. It bothers me how the whole concept got hijacked by the orthodoxy(is that a word?) it was so beautiful before it got twisted up

      • Yes original is the key word. So great to have the Net now and I believe most ancient texts are free to read online. 🙂

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