Hall of Mirrors


Visit the hall of mirrors
Tell yourself what you see?
What light and dark you throw
Comes back to thee
In the mirror you’ll see
That divining life wave energy
Reflected in every form of time
Portals to both dark and white
Beams with daggers many strike
Back-fire shocking realization
Waves transmitting to celled particles
Changing splitting polarizing
All these wave lengths having fun
All but in the end spectral and illusion?

Yet we seek through the glass
Our splendor standing there
The heart strong spirit traveler
Striving through all distortions blurs
Denials and accusations projected
That one bolt of lightening wished
Ready to re-wire and to reveal
Wanting a surrender to love not hate
To choose to look or not before it is too late
Wanting that beamed soul serenity
Felt lost now in this mirror
Now in that mirror constant changing
Each reflection of us
In one we seek why
In one we seek how
In another seek what
The wherefore of our days and lives
High-beaming out from one soul pod
Living the ripples in flesh-time
Yet in each reflection centered
A greeting by yourself to you
And in that accepting look
Light receiving giving Love!



~ by blueangelwolf on January 22, 2013.

4 Responses to “Hall of Mirrors”

  1. Thank you for your brilliance

  2. Inner Chakra systems ……

  3. Beautiful

  4. No one in the world ever gets everything they want, and that is beautiful.

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