Lust! Thou Warped All Love!


Unless your confession be thy light
To shine, and captivate my heart,
That what I know, be your insight
And by confessing more love impart,

Deeper still will thy tears go
Than at first you knew of longing,
And deeper still thy regret so
Of what was done, be but prolonging.

And by confessing more to know of me
Than at first you thought of love!
Unconfessed, unforgiven it shall be!
Weep for your future fears above!

That vehicle of your eternal self
Sinks more into mires of eternal night!
Pray now your pretend devotion shelf
For naught of my love is lain insight!

I cannot imagine you do not see, as I do!
And as you refuse, I thus marry curse!
As love is love, and knowledge doth ensue,
And all your daily providence be worse.

You make me shiver, thy soul be earthly bound
Seeking love in me to cut thy chains,
You spin a carousel of lies around and around
And ever denying ensure no gains.

I weep, thou weep, further into the deep we spin
Into the deep, will our love be our chagrin?



~ by blueangelwolf on January 23, 2013.

2 Responses to “Lust! Thou Warped All Love!”

  1. Indeed Blueangelwolf, lust deceives both heart and mind with counterfeit perceptions.

  2. No never. Love cannot be thus. But, we the entities – who manipulates it as per his convenience – may be the cause of this chagrin. 🙂

    Thank u so much for stopping by N reading my humble work 🙂

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