Spirit Seed


for the wild drifting
in the blackest void
you open a space unshackled
seeking its place of nectar
as sorrow seeks its tears
as light seeks the blind eye
deeper its soulmate keys
renewed springs of water
amongst the dancing flames
gossamer in this vulnerability
ever changing buds
you stream forth a seed
spirit weeping pearls
silent screams tearing
from the snake’s mouth inheld breath
of endless worlds spearing
circles within circles of light
whirl in this flesh-bone out-pour
cellular fractal traveling
as you crack this bright consciousness
blow apart the oneness
float into emptiness within
from which all is felt
beyond particles becoming
to the touch of infinite beauty
beyond the shattered pane
drum beats a stranger heart
rythm of restless atoms rain
so you may be that divine paradox
I AM I AM a signal in darkness
yet but a message in sand the wind blows away
a shooting star of fading pulse
echoed by a twin flame so far away yet
a song reverberates along timelines
lifetimes of joy in this channeled embrace
defenceless in the music of poetry
where word made flesh becomes your face
where the seed of you is held
in the unfurling flower of mystic galaxies
for the wild drifting
in the blackest void
finds me there with you




~ by blueangelwolf on January 29, 2013.

One Response to “Spirit Seed”

  1. wonderful! 🙂

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