Touch Inlain


Wise raven
Watch from a height,
Shake out the night,
Eye me bright!
I am she-wolf,
Raven my thoughts
With obsidian wings!
Diamond pickaxe my muse,
Spike eye my weariness
As I crawl into my cave,
A few moments away
Out of gray reach,
Blind cruelty of day
Curled against bedrock.
Wait with me All-mother,
Stir me Her crucible!
To You I shall return,
Death-taken to Over-world,
Zapped from this terrain,
Flesh and fur like a rind
Aside for awhile lain.
Tho to become again!
Imagine a dandelion,
New seed sprouter ~~
A touch now taken
Of she-wolf essence!
Away away from the gray
As my paws lope beneath wings!



~ by blueangelwolf on January 31, 2013.

6 Responses to “Touch Inlain”

  1. Great wolf.

  2. Thank you for your poetry, its like a new flower every day

  3. Very powerful picture. I like the balance of it.

  4. A lovely picture and a wonderful poem to match it.

  5. You reached right into the earth on this one my friend.

  6. Oh and the painting speaks volumes. Wolf and raven are indeed the mystics of the wilderness. You speak well for them.

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