Just Say Hello


In one fine strong moment
While most others sleep
Silence questions silence
Answers to always keep
As wanderer sits mute
The understanding deep
Aide not the tangled route
Of roots the rose may seek
Don`t plan love where to go
Love is called while needed
Interrupts the sorrow flow
With sudden recognition
Cry visible spark in tow
Giving men their souls
Women their being so




~ by blueangelwolf on February 5, 2013.

7 Responses to “Just Say Hello”

  1. Amazing and wonderful coincidence! I adore this tender and delicate poem and the tones and senses of the painting and this little, little girl with a heart and the big, big tree with a sign and the flowers on the green ground. Thank you!

  2. Such an amazing picture- the girl with the heart is such a powerful image. Wonderful!

  3. You weave words that go beyond words and graphics that take us into forever. I just bought a laptop and installed a 14′ tall broadband antenna and signal booster. I’m looking at your blog and smiling. I’ll be smiling a lot.

  4. Send me your photos, Angela.

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