Druid and the Dinosaur


The Druid and the Dinosaur
Were having a cup of tea,
The Druid said to the Dinosaur
“What about me?
I sit and stroke my beard all day
And think and think,
To know what I wouldst wisdom say,
Whilst it appears to me,
That though you are on the brink
You don’t even care a blink!
But go on your merry way each day
And never think and think,
“‘What about me?'”

The Dinosaur said to the Druid
As they were having tea,
“What is the use of butting your head
Against what will be will be,”
And as he took another sip of tea,
His scaled-tail slapped onto the floor,
Keeping perfect time with some inner core,
A song he heard once-upon-a-future-time
When he was passing a Druid shrine ~

“Follow your imaginings and seek a numinous divine,
There is a call to find your soul-lost-song in flowered vine,
In trembling leaves, and too the many lesson thorns
Earthly life adorns ~  so that our hearts may be intertwined!
Sing so you may breathe along with the ocean wind,
And sway in harmony with the many greening trees!
From Love I am here and to Love returning will I Be ,
In hallow ground and ocean shore I now walk with Thee.”

The Druid sat quietly and still at these words,
And as his hand relaxed and his mind stood still,
An old-new remembering strung his soul cords,
And a single tear fell and as the tea got cold,
He knew now that what would Be would Be,
But that neither he nor the Dinosaur so old,
Would ever feel soul chains in a Love so free!





~ by blueangelwolf on February 6, 2013.

5 Responses to “Druid and the Dinosaur”

  1. Wow!! Love this! Thank you

  2. Oh I love this!!! I don’t know why but it reminded of the wisdom from The Tao of Pooh

  3. Another coincidental “hmm…” from me : ) Thtat’s interesting and mystical. : )

  4. your poetry is amazing, your photo are as well, thank you for sharing

  5. a true tale from a bard ….you have a wonderful gift
    I so like this one….

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