Night Skin


One undulating river of night skin,

Desire a perfect verse oracled

Telling me we will spill ourselves

Onto tomorrow’s canvas,

Soaking cold lamentations

Reclaiming valleys and hills

In our arms astonishing abandon,

Opening in locked heart doors

Empty and full to each other ~~

Breathing a state of grace!

Happiness a rainbow in storm light

Crashed and burned into streams,

Racing into nights consternation

Our soul-mated sojourn inlaid

The lined manuscripts of our hands

Folded into each other amazed,

A mandala of earthy anticipation

Always and forever past last star ~~

One undulating river of night skin

Desire a perfect verse oracled

Telling me we will spill ourselves.



~ by blueangelwolf on February 7, 2013.

10 Responses to “Night Skin”

  1. Love the word “spill”, theway it’s used here.
    Blue….you are such an inspiratinal writer. I’m in awe every time I come across one of your poems. Brilliant wordplay. Perfect word placement and visualisation.
    I envy your writing because I strive to be able to mash my feelings together in such a way.

  2. This was so beautiful. What a great start to the day.

  3. The Diamond body answers any question of survival, It plays in the hand of destruction as if they would roll it like dice. It burns invocations and heart felt pleas that are traced to the mind. It sits in refinement or desolation unaffected Diamond, not carbon but Light!

  4. Fantastic Poem.

  5. night skin/foreskin, that is the beauty of poetry the words it invites, that spill so to speak from the exchange

  6. really awesome…

  7. You will always be one of the most wonderful women in my life and without a doubt the most creative.

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