Neon Curves


I had reservations
And they all showed up
In the flesh ~~
Chewing underbelly
Of appetite
Fallen like ocean trench
In demand of prey
What could never be ~~
No use lurking
My rooms are all occupied
No use trying the doors
Passes have been issued
Shades have been drawn
What’s done is done ~~
Yes timing is often everything,
The best laid plans, and all that.
It will be this way for awhile
Probably longer than you’ll wait
Chewing underbelly
Of appetite fallen ~~
Don’t stare
My curves are unaffected
Lighted diaphanous
My light body neon.



~ by blueangelwolf on February 8, 2013.

4 Responses to “Neon Curves”

  1. Nylon, transparent and neon. Easy to see if to tear the garments and turn off the light. Pardon for my milky musings caused by your neon revelations and light experiments. I often need the recurrent readings and “jumps” to plunge into this grand ocean of terrific emotions. : )

  2. This is an awesome piece!

  3. To be honest with you my friend, after reading your poems I always find myself smiling, shaking my head and thinking, how does this woman manage to craft words that caress the mind, imagination and heart all at the same time. And then I thank the gods that you not only discovered your gift, but that you share it so freely.

  4. This is true art! Everything is just right, no leftovers 🙂

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