Venus Rising


Lost souls
Hang on with tentative threads
Spirits of gray mist
Always seeking color
They sit on dead planets
They defeat rainbows
Lacking the spear of light
They seek others
All through their long night

Lost souls
Clay people breathing dust
Machines of time
Automation of greed’s rust
Boxing a whole planet
Walling out life
Towers beam control lust

Lost souls
Power of guiding Venus comes
Singing a melody
Throwing a lifeline outward
Illumination rainbow bridge
Finding lost souls
Polarities to open a new door
Energy travels gathering threads
Records a new music
Coloring a world of love





~ by blueangelwolf on February 12, 2013.

4 Responses to “Venus Rising”

  1. Lighted and loving like music, angelic!

  2. outstanding, and I agree Angelic

  3. Yes, a masterpiece…

  4. I’m reading, writing

    another interpretation

    of the same dream

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