Your deceptively honest words
Freezer burn my passions
So it is with joyful sadness
I say impossible solution
To our split oxymoronicness
So tightly sealed ~~~ knot



~ by blueangelwolf on March 4, 2013.

5 Responses to “Oxymoronic”

  1. Awesome ❤

  2. Awfully attractive misguidance. Even the ‘~~~ knot’ sounds to me like ‘affirmative not’ or ‘yes-negation’. I don’t know how about others but I think it freezes one in a charming undefined rapture. : ) Insincerely respectful but still sincerely yours, Unsigned Admirer. : )

  3. yes an affirmitive knot it is disrespectful and lie based feardriven is more like it:( is all but lie based thoughts that make one run and hide from the truth love and the world but to only agfree with lovely things u decide to go ll against, to bad ur heart had to go out to rot with the sims u hand to others like me:( is insane really to be such a hipocryte with werds and thoughs that slither round like a snneke in my heart!:(

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