~ Hourglass ~


One day our hourglass will be broken
Broken as polarity in this time realm
Realm wherein we live grits of time
Time knots our delicate frames
Frames like glass reflecting
Reflecting transparent
Ever to each other
Other strands
Of yours
As we drift
Into each other
Other in each we find
Ourselves always together here
Here we see beyond but cannot pass
Pass still two chambers too our hearts
Hearts ever pulsing through two lifetimes
Lifetime so joined we are one heart chamber
Chamber becoming like one hourglass we are
Are falling time in love each turning of the grains
Grains ever turning count to our conjoined timeless




~ by blueangelwolf on March 10, 2013.

2 Responses to “~ Hourglass ~”

  1. Perfection and soooo fun to read.

  2. Striknig, amazing, reflective and so many other compliments. You’re wonderful, A.! : )

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