Spasm Till Torn


Wingless must ask
More questions
Clouds of answers
Thick as masks

I do apologize
I will not please
Lord or Master
Be my only demise

My breathing will
Last for decades
But confuse it not
My life is still

A bowl of cherries
I swallow the pits
Being not anaesthetised
We will be synchronized

Aligned all along
There is only one sin
All placebos fall
Open chrysalis within



~ by blueangelwolf on March 12, 2013.

8 Responses to “Spasm Till Torn”

  1. There is only one. : )

  2. breathing

    through waves

    joy, pain

    we looked in our ways

    our eyes


    we waited again

  3. It is powerful to read such lines:
    My breathing will
    Last for decades
    But confuse it not
    My life is still

    It is transcendental flow that continues ahead. It is bending me—the way we look at some things. 🙂

  4. I really enjoyed reading this… You work wonders with your words… I am enchanted by your thoughts!

  5. Just WOW, in the best way!

  6. *

  7. such a bummer 😦 4 years of torn wings from an angry judgemental dark angel:( i am so sorry:( Is not the blueangel wolf that came and lived wit me:(also u do not want to please ur gods! lol…more than ur only demise,,,as u swallow pits yup.gulped:( sad days here ang:( thanks for all the pain:( full excercises in life:( oodf a broken heart mind an crushed soul…..yeah right …werds can’t hurt ya lol… what i was told once …was a lie:(in the best way i had always loved u with all my heart and soul:goodbye:(………Q aka mike aka pencildick:(

  8. PS …thought there was only one god ……..myself ;;;;;;oh well:(…………

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