Pencil-Dick Is Still Not Getting It, Says Crow


Crow and Pencil Dick
Retreated to a cave
They had a connundrum
She took what she gave

“Why-oh-who“ they asked
There in dark so stale
The eternal question
Pondered by the male

How she knew their secrets
Ones unknown dare not tell
How in first fall earth fell
Icon clashed with mortal clay

She knows but does not tell
Crow and Pencil Dick
One must croak and caw
Other aim to fly so to fall

Phallic symbols everywhere
Raised longer and higher
Worms and maggots eat anyway
Crow preserves another day

Underground while surface plays
Plots and strategies engrave
Red lined skin out bleeding
She dwells in regardless anyway

Root pillars Compassion and Love
Unconditional she tears the veil
As you scream witness or react
All things are your holy grail

Hold close life lessons
Or pass the blame
Each moment see a choice
I am banished same

Fast fallen stars now
Self-destruct gifting pain
Melt burning to morass
Compressed in self-distain

Pencil-Dick in self-deception whiplash
Caved in to obsession
Bows to Crow`s message:
Fear a stranger to Love`s synchroflash




~ by blueangelwolf on April 4, 2013.

18 Responses to “Pencil-Dick Is Still Not Getting It, Says Crow”

  1. Oh, so many ciphered things and allusions. It will take some time to come to sense. : )

  2. My my ………….. LOL
    never saw that one coming
    can I get an AV of that file

  3. The sacred feminine prevails!

  4. ha, this is great!
    How in first fall earth fell
    Icon clashed with mortal clay
    that’s really sitting in my head. Sorry I ain’t been around for a while, got backed up on my reading. Hope all is well my luv!

  5. I had to stop reading because it was becoming too funny: love it!

  6. sorry u felt this way, pencildick here checkin in once again an i still can;t geta’ grip on the function of or the reason behind it all sometimes, ps; i got the AV an the RV too:) wow; and the part here i do really really relate to i do…
    Root pillars Compassion and Love
    Unconditional she tears the veil
    As you scream witness or react
    All things are your holy grail….

    yep appears this way ,,,pencil-dick will get back to the drawing board:), over an out.:) namaste’ 2 u 4 eva an a day!….Q…..

  7. I stopped by to thank you for re-blogging Jessica’s story. We all appreciate your kindness so much!
    I have to say though, I love your page… beautiful artwork and very creative and well written poetry! Love the way you structure them… Glad I found you so that now I’ll be able to check in periodically, as time allows (my mother is very ill). Hope you have a blessed week! 😀

  8. U suck angela…..why ud take love poems away and keep tyhe arrogant and selfish lie based ones i have no clue:( have a life:( of karma u so want to live:( 😦

  9. fo enjoy ur life with the young guys u fiond by showing ur ass to the werld….yep biggest mistake u ever made in ur l;ife to me 😦 was to blog blogs of negativity bout me like this:( us insane:( it is:(.ur choice sucks:(

  10. one selfish insensitive uncaring lie based werld is what pencildick here gets from angelas sickness and despair and lie based blogs for the last few months since this assault on my anatomy 😦 no i don’t get why ud want to hurt anothers humans soul, especially when ya claim to be an angel 😦

    • edit edit edti edit lie lie lie lie do whatevr it is ya do . to hurt on me ,,keep on keeping on ur doing a wunderful job being a dishonest abusive soul of ignorance like u wish to be and thieving my heart time and $$money all bout moiney huh! and ur body! how so ucked up:(

  11. […] all the blogs that have to do with angel turnt not angel to me, said she dumped this pencil dick over a month ago now she has 😦 after abusing me for the last year verbally and even in the form of […]

  12. instant karma to u heartless soul! 😦

  13. same as above angel KNOT U RARE INSANELY SICK AN SO ARE ALL OF UR TROLLS! for that i am sorry i evr loved u 😦

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