Sheath our swords O Beloved!

Fog bound is your brave-heart

Vaporous opaque wantings misting

Against this dumb tool how it cannot cut

Those serrated hard edges life’s limitations

Nor deflect swiftly passion’s obstacles

To see a road a trail ahead to beat down

My horse of resoluteness is lame

Aground — suspended wavering between

Arms bound round this tree of my axis mundi

This place of sacrifice always in view

Naked the one eye that ever pains to see

Never shuts to solace grim chapters of destiny

Other earthly gazes also doomed

Spying singly drops of rare poetic mead

At inspiration’s well to drink as guardian perhaps

Reflecting deep wisdom sometimes scimmed brief

Glinting words secured quickly — but most oft no

No messenger am I

Sweet wisdom’s cup hold not these hands

Seeking blindly like slugs bottom-most

Feeling dark airless pools of despair

Fate’s twin instruments mocking strength

To wrest wines from earthly fruits

Love, don’t cry for me, I am not broken

I stand watcher with ravens and the wolves

My heart with theirs rides a wild wild hunt

In that firmament of spirit contemplations

Transversing nine worlds

Heaven’s pathways clear

To future’s valhalla where sword awaits

To be unsheathed at my soul’s Ragnarok!



~ by blueangelwolf on April 11, 2013.

25 Responses to “Ragnarok”

  1. It’s so reverential and reverbrating; it flutters inside.

  2. Love it! I am always so moved by your well placed and well expressed sentiments… I know somewhere in those comments you accepted my offer of writing a poem together at least I hope you did. My E mail is smplman1215@yahoo.com and it would truly be an honor and a gift if you would write with me. The amount of e mails and blogs I follow at times has overwhelmed my in box yet I think wp has finally gotten the email right just not the reader. Have a great day Gorgeous! πŸ™‚ Joe

    • Of course yes Joe πŸ™‚ will email

    • u can both go to hell 😦

      • What are you talking about…. ?

      • u havent a clue do u sir 😦 well, whatevr then,,, angela is the light of betrayal in my life right now, and all the stuff she so unrully shares that aint true 😦 jest a liar an hipocryte to mike in his life for 5 years sorry to say, sorry u were baffled by her “beautiful” bullshit and abusive lies also 😦 take care , i am sorry she is so very sick in the head 😦 enjoy

      • I don’t even know her…. or what you are talking about. Perhaps you should seek professional help.

      • maybe u should get ur facts straight first!,,, i’m not the one doing duet blogs with her!….., an professional help is what she needed instead of stealing 5 years of my life and thoiusands of dollars ! sick andd tired of all the crap ass games angela here played on mike here ,,loved her with all my life..jest type angel in my search bar if ya wanna see my side of her nasty and selfish and poignant blogs now:( me itis 😦 not my disease L* hers and a sad loss for me and the werld http://quarksire.wordpress.com/2014/05/30/victimship-denied-again/

      • PS: I AM A PROFESSIONAL…and the bullcrap i put up with here is unkind ruthlessly mean and disheartening:( and verey sick 😦 2 sides to evry story dude………..peace out! Q

  3. When i read your dark work, I read it aloud, to make sure I absorb it, it is shocking; not because of the content, but for the bravery of the hand that penned it. Pretty plese let me do a spoken word, reading of one of your works.

  4. your words have a visceral affect; their alignment erupts into thoughts that ride down the mountain and harden somewhere deep inside

    • so agreed! a visceral affect; their alignment erupts into thoughts that ride down the mountain and harden somewhere deep inside……. for i mike akka the Q have cried for hours and hours for days upon days over this and ,any werds displayed so dark yes here:(! i love angela with all my heart forever!…and cannot relate to darkness over light game of werds :(Q http://quarksire.wordpress.com/2013/05/17/tornadoe-heart/

  5. Merry Meet and Bright Blessings.

  6. whew, I am so in awe of your ability to speak poetically. Amazing read as always!

  7. most prolific and awe inspiring and touching to me to say the very least, personally i prefer ur werks of delight, love, and fun, and the spiritual complexities and concepts, rather than the dark side of life, yes, the dark side of life coming from u is true very shocking because i care about u so very much, is hard to stay calm sometimez, but i guess we all have our days weeks and or months and years, hope ur days and poetry returns once again to the lovely lighter courageaous side of life rather than werdz of fear, wishing u well this fine day 420 coming up tomorrow, hope it treats u with the warmth and love spring has to offer to u lovely lady Angel….Namaste’2 u ~~~4 ever urs……………………………………..q

  8. bummer u dont freiking care 😦 hard to even FATHOM in MY MIND 😦 NOW YOU! 😦

  9. hope ur proud of urself for all ur unrightious displays of lacks and lying and all and lack of self esteem, 😦 pert messed up u had to drag on my life for 5 years to only but steal from me 5 years of my life and 2000 plus ffreiking dollars 😦 criminal bullshit lie it was to have ever evr hurt on mike w ever evr:( u suck 😦

  10. the only insanity here is how u have treated me and that u bothered to waste 5 years opf my life doing it!:( and u stole from me money and my heart an all:( and broke it 😦 u suck 😦

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