When Raven Blinked


Maybe                             just maybe
When a tear fell              pondering you
Raven blinked                   in flight
As you stopped                          overlooking mountains

Maybe                                                              just maybe
A miracle happened                      our twin hearts fell
Open like a book                             endless lives
Layered meanings                               unified in two bodies
And the gods gave to us                                you and I honourable mention
And raven blinked                                                  as the sky cried
And everlasting angelics                                           paying attention
Set my weary life                           upon love’s flight path

                                                                               Maybe              just maybe
                                                             My desire yours         we would be so important



~ by blueangelwolf on April 24, 2013.

4 Responses to “When Raven Blinked”

  1. BOOM! Love that.

  2. lovely. i like the words, the flow, the form, the ending

  3. Wonderful!

  4. Fantastic; the convoluting form appears to be fighting its way out of traditional structure. As if the syntax has a forlorn nature all its own; twisting and turning its way toward the light. Experi-mental is the best compliment I can think paying to a post/ultramodern poem.
    HI by the way…

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