Violet Allure




Look into my eyes, but –
don’t feel confused
if you get lost in that way they look beyond you.
There is no bed of comfort
as I lay my head on the ice sheet of this world
they say is thawing as it drowns me.

I want to float away as far as ever.

As far as it would take
to have violet speak to me
as I scent cosmic velor petals,
sinking into nocturnal perfumes,
a scent of lotus and chamomile
opening to the moon,
as your city of the violet crown
drinks amethyst dew rising and falling.

Earth cold sweats another night,
as my blood lavender flushes to the surface
dredged spirit force from hopes and desire!

Look into my eyes, but –
don’t feel perplexed,
as each new morning night owls have blinked away time
uselessly under ethereal threads of planets gone awry,
as they jolt through the dark rift of space,
immune to our deprivation as they circle
imploring the stars with sharp sapphire pulses.

I seek heralds of the approach of miraculous,
humble omens of you being here,
of an arrival before I see you arrive
to begin how our story was written ~
burned into hearts sparking off each other like flint
against the steel of our resolve in an eternity of minutes ,
our blood circulating to our beginnings
with the resolution of roots we are  ~
flowering to expand
towards each other!






~ by blueangelwolf on May 14, 2013.

10 Responses to “Violet Allure”

  1. love!

  2. allure


    so many



    life’s magic …


    “burned into hearts sparking off each other like flint”

  3. The image and words were so amazing that I came back for another read! 🙂

  4. Oh, I already liked it. But, I must say that you got me with that picture. “Look into my eyes.” I did feel confusion for a second, and then loved it. Well done.

  5. Very colorful!

  6. Interesting blog and liked this “Look into my eyes” poem a lot. Thank you for following my blog. 🙂

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