You leave
My heart dangles
On a string
Just in case
You reel me in.
Sorcerous roller-coaster games
Rubuff me with bitter juice
Yet only seek my lips
So thirsting more desire!
But my dearest
Of your shared delights
To cloy love’s palate
Or be strung instrument
To concerto rites
You play in secret behind closed doors,
I have no desire.

Yet I hear your entrancements
Far-off angel voice windblown
Up to a crazy moon,
Rebounding against my dream
Awakened to your eclipse
I bow under a promise
Of two star-fish hearts
Line-caught one rock strewn beach
Noctural soul reverie shell held deep!

We shall gasp together one meter from crumbling edge
Sign-posted: Forever to Ecstasy



~ by blueangelwolf on June 3, 2013.

11 Responses to “Gasping”

  1. great images………meo

  2. I love the beginning of this one- “my heart dangles on a string…”– perfect image.

  3. ok…then/….sorry bout the damage to ur knees
    but i am sure u will heel……cliff holds strong here…..
    “You play in secret behind closed doors,
    I have no desire.”””””””frum ur puppet on da’ string!
    edge won’t crumble i don’t think till after we die….namaste’ w love…Q

  4. Love this one too. Your poetry is very strong with emotion.:)

    • yeaop she knows how to get at men emotionally and also in thier pants and thier pocketbooks also 😦 as mine for thousands of dollars and 5 years 😦

  5. Wonderful opening and where do you get these fantastic pictures, they always go where you are going with the writing, uncanny, I/d swear you were doing them yourself

  6. This is wonderful… You really got me with the first 3 lines… 😀

  7. If I Were Rain

    I’d want to
    flow over all your body,
    over your eyes,
    over your lips,
    Through your blouse,
    into your jeans,
    soak your socks,
    and settle into your pretty shoes
    so you can take me
    everywhere with you
    I’d want to
    run my drops
    through your hair,
    and let them kiss you all over
    I’d want to
    dance with you,
    and make you tremble
    from the beautiful feeling
    of something hard
    against your body
    after a cool dry period
    I’d want to
    make you look up,
    and smile at me
    because you know
    how good I feel
    against your body,
    and maybe
    you would want me,
    All over you

  8. gasping for airr is all i have been doing for minths now since u stoole my heart my money and my life 😦 for the last five years an for what a few dollars more 😦 how sick 😦 im sorry i love U 😦

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