Dream voice call shades my eyes to day

Muted hands motionless they lay

Winsome my one true Lover

You are my soul twin voyager

Wild boundary seeker of sanctity and sin

No sanctuary this cosmic rim

Washed away we ferry onward

One raging wave unsure seeking

Indissoluble as one becomes a lighted flame

Two souls more than earth entwined

Hand in hand two fates love reclaim

To push aside remembered lies

Earth gravitates you and I

All falls knowing in each others’ eyes

A shining star long-felt dream

Ancient rays all mortal ruins lain

Visions quest we sought and found

When remembered You

And You knew me True



~ by blueangelwolf on June 24, 2013.

8 Responses to “Muse”

  1. Lovely!!

  2. BOOM

  3. every time I drift off in space, something big pulls me back down; but I can never see its face, nor can I hear its words that explain why I keep being brought back to Earth.
    be of love,
    with your love,
    what you love.
    writing is our projections of emotional truth.
    and on the plane of canvas we find our states of acceptance.
    muted hands motionless – like
    your response, sanctity and sin: no sanct. this cosmic rim, this interests me, you always cultivate an underlying duality to your work, almost like two voices in one work, which compliments the twin voyager theme
    all falls knowing, it would be nice to have naked acceptance in a censored world

  4. So good 🙂

  5. such a sad piece to me, it is, been so long since i heard my own heart song again, i jest know at all cost it was my heart , that pounded for weeks an years over u an ur poetry my dear,
    “Visions quest we sought and found

    When remembered You

    And You knew me True” so true was dis’ thing called
    “me an YOU”……An Love…….4 dat i ………Thank YOU!…..Namaste’…Q

  6. Da’ POET & ‘Muse! alll a matter of perception huh!>? …Q

  7. some will know those thoughts by heart…
    here in now
    for they have felt the flame united…
    once felt…nothing will ever be the same
    This is a wonderful work of art….
    Thank You….

  8. what a liar u are! 😦 i am sorry i love u 😦

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