Womb of All


Record unmarked
I am
Eternally evolving
From womb
Absolute nothingness
To Enlightenment
Her Light Body
From all created
Of Light
I am
Sparking off
This unfoldment
From void darkness
She is
Record unmarked
I am
Engraved in love
All is
Traced with grace



~ by blueangelwolf on July 22, 2013.

4 Responses to “Womb of All”

  1. “All is traced with grace…” Both lovely and true.
    Peace and light,

  2. this is beautiful! I love the image of her- ‘I am eternally evolving from womb…”

  3. Very pure, very clear, very expressive. ‘Light . . . I AM . . . . record unmarked . . . . absolute nothingness to enlightenment . . . . engraved in Love’ Yes, nicely done.

  4. i so do like the idea of Bein’ Traced with Grace, love 4 evr 2 u frum ….Q

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