Miraculous messages touch
Touch my wingmaker within
Within unfolded solitude
Solitude revealed mute now
Now that song is needed most
Most where love is that bears
Bears all pain seeking no gain
Gain like waves lost yearning
Yearning quivered to a dry shore
Shore caught to drying leaves
Leaves tide blown from you
You who would give a snippet
Snippet of thunder sky struck
Struck to blast a lightning flame
Flame to transmute earth again
Again shocking two hearts awake
Awake to be found face-to-face



~ by blueangelwolf on July 24, 2013.

7 Responses to “Transmute”

  1. Your picture here is incredible. Is it yours?

  2. I love how when I am scrolling through the blogs I follow, I begin to see an image emerge, and I can immediately tell it is from your blog before even looking. Always such power.

  3. forced face to face would have been wunderful experience again i did so hope, will love u nevrtheless always and forevr my dear!…namaste’ to u forever!instead i now feel ” Gain like waves lost yearning” ur poetry ur choice again so dark so much more peace out , yeah forever was to long a time to believe like u once promised me in many a poem and er letters for years whered dat all go i wunder now, have a beautiful life angela my dearest! ,,,ur one an only Q….

  4. This is a beautiful piece. Masterful use of the technique.


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