Enough already
Bound head to foot
By appearances sly
Cunning with temptation

Enough already
As you inhale me now
I exhale there soul steady
A beggar haunted by treasure
In dimensions far ferment
Where wolves ricochet blue static
Eyes push and pull sweet argument
Conquer or be conquered in cosmic war
For destiny is bent nature is askew
What is it you said you knew?

Enough already
Our threads are bifurcated
But no no, nothing in you I hated
Nor in me one heart we sated

Enough already
For our short spell aligned
My words lit your pilot
One last flight to fated ripcord
Last words I write as I keep
Our eternity in blessed sleep

Enough already
No further
Or I choose to forget




~ by blueangelwolf on August 7, 2013.

4 Responses to “Askew”

  1. Our threads are bifurcated…. Brilliant! Love your style Gorgeous! Thanks for the smiles. 🙂

  2. Hes not askew…he is Q lol here Angel…jest fer U…Thanks fer makin me do da inventory now its time to get a move on an clean house, U don;t have to do the pay it forward thing etc etc,,but wanted u to know u were added to my page..since ur alreadly all over my werld …
    Talented Artist & Poet, has a youtube and E-books an a Awesome dog! A Lady that has had a DRAMAtic Affect on ME LifeStory!

  3. Lovely ❤

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