where have I heard that voice before?

Throughout realm of infinite space

    a texture that isn’t touched

music that isn’t heard

but circumferenced and infused

    in womb of kali

symbols etched of angels

cauldron stirred of miracles

    flint flown from steel

that fast

that voice

of you beyond you

    not what you mean to me

not what I mean to you

rather what it is

when we sing

        together a memory

        on a journey into center

through the seven veils

to seek out barriers to Love … …..






~ by blueangelwolf on August 14, 2013.

7 Responses to “Viels”

  1. This was so beautiful and a perfect way to begin this day. Haunting poetry.

  2. BOOM

  3. Wonderful!!!

  4. metaphysical laws governed by subtle possibilities

  5. Thanks for the kind comment blueangel. Interesting poetry! What inspires it?

  6. Very nice blogsite. Beautiful poetry.

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