Drowning Gateway




There they were
two of them
adam and eve
and that symbolic fruit
of that symbolic tree

Hung between heaven and earth
unable to do without either
both of them transfixed
caught in the joke
still seeking the punchline

she eats
she gives him the fruit…..
so that supposes she had it to begin with
and he didn’t

What a game!

Deep below the surface
The jewel glows
For it knows

What if she has it yet
Never to give it up
And he is still entranced, ensnared, addicted
Aiming for it

In everything he does

What a drowning







~ by blueangelwolf on September 18, 2013.

10 Responses to “Drowning Gateway”

  1. WOW. WOW. i love this one especially. The imagery is teriffic. Very though provoking or maybe it is on the feeling realm.

  2. Ah!!! Nothing can confuse a man as completely as a pretty woman. Indeed she holds the jewel, but doesn’t it work the other way too? I love your work!

  3. what a assaulting lie u are angela angel not! sick mind 😦

    • absolutely that after coming to tell me truths u said were true but to go against them within hours u are a very insecure selfish lie based person angela. to bad ur bloggers dont know the truth go ahead delete me more as u have deleted my life have a karma filled life angela K at fault 😦

  4. oh I like this post BlueAngelWolf….
    Take Care…

    • well if u only knew it was all a lie based hate game she is playing on someone she told he loved u might feel different , all bout stealing hearts and mens money angela is 😦 very insane 😦 boken promises for 5 years she is 😦

  5. Very thought provoking. I really like it!

  6. I do love the imagery in this one and your words capture the essence of it. 🙂

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