Radient Body Asking


“When goodness grows weak,
When evil increases,
I make myself a body.

In every age I come back
To deliver the holy,
To destroy the sin of the sinner,
To establish righteousness.”
~   Bhagavad Gita ~


Let me say I am fashioning
Another body whilst in this one.
Would you understand
Looking into my eyes?

Seeing through blue
Unstained windows
Globes within night
Two tiny peepholes
Close to open a deeper
Crucible of the creative.

Invite into our alchemy
That which merges integrated
Eight a sphere blue-white
Points in every direction
Healing of pure love
Nine a golden oval ring
Five elemental forms inside
Self of gnostic knowing
Rotating life force within
Ten a sphere of blue
Corded shapes moving
Beyond matter a presence
In unbreakable connection
In Mother Earth cacooned
We splendid birth a void

Do you understand?
Would you come with me?

Be the strength of new wings
As power unclothes to clothe us,
As we gaze into the eternal flight
Becoming arrows of spiritual light!






~ by blueangelwolf on November 11, 2013.

5 Responses to “Radient Body Asking”

  1. I don’t quite understand but it is beautiful.

  2. blueangelwolf, these words wash through me like a tranquil breeze…..
    this is truly transcendent poetry for the soul, ty so much for this gift.

  3. I would come with you.. As we gaze into the eternal flight…Very powerful write..

  4. The flights of the Avatar

  5. I understand. And know. Thanks for leaving the bread crumb back. Peace, Ik

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