Our night of distance
Keens like green streamers
Dances like spirits of aurora
Around mute black onyx of sky

Our night of distance
Tantrum of cold searing stars
Transmission of our disconnection
Terrestrial display of discontent

Our night of distance
We must have been on that summit
To be fallen now fated to realize
Of being hunted cast off wolf’s fur

Our night of distance
Searing persistent pain of anti-joy
Piecemeal scattered to all four winds
crying crying no no no utopia my love

Our night of distance
Knows suffering is a lighted candle
As tender tallow gains heightened glow
Brief fervent embrace of unseen to seen

Our night of distance
Holding all that is not here
In this forlorn circumference born
Above a whisper coalesced one note
And I am left here asking again
The one most important guestion

Our night of distance……………




~ by blueangelwolf on November 13, 2013.

3 Responses to “Why”

  1. because u choose for it to be tht a way angel cuz u choose! 😦 cuz u choose to stay on the other side………….of the wolf creek pass 😦 so sorry to say Poetic but sad display of uuncohesiveness u have found with sir quarksire .. ur the obnly one that knows why u stay on the other side of ur pass 😦 Transmission of our disconnection
    Terrestrial display of discontent is a matter of perception, and well if ya can’t see the stars clearly , thats also ur choice , so why our night of distance,,,,huh when one has been waiting for years for u and has sent u eevry resourse needed also: 😦 life sucks on this sie of ur wolf crook pass angel my deal….will always love ya,,,,, diconnected why.. Bacause u choose to that is why is simple, 😦 and u know why! so there! judgement! is what it is! bye.namaste 4 evr Q

  2. “our night of distance…” magnifique, just like the unique “aurora borealis”…

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