With Every Cut


“Learn to listen to trees and they will let you talk through them.”

GUBOO TED THOMAS, Chief Aboriginal Elder, Yuin Tribe of Australia

I travel by standing still

And when I came he cried

Where I stood when he found me.

Hands swooped to find flesh,

But there was none to be found.

Instead fingers fumbled with fur.

He shuddered thinking there must be some mistake.

Raking further, further, further to that tip

Until fingertips red raw, his blood wept.

My back was scratched from his writhing,

Bark broken in places, branches ringing from his screaming.

But soon sap shall smother the scars.

I am woven into Her and she always heals,

In one form or another.

He didn’t satisfy my wild appetite,

So, tail twitching, I leave his body

Under me for the cougars.

I attend to watching spiders dance

And summon the pack with reverberating howls.

I sun naked on rocks. I read earth’s scent.

She groans in deep birth pangs,

I can hear them through the top of my head,

Her ancient appetites awakening

Telling me who I am.

I am Her glamorous fractal,

Spirit energy of some beyond experiencing,

This forest my sphere, my whole world,

To do in as green realms will.



~ by blueangelwolf on November 27, 2013.

6 Responses to “With Every Cut”

  1. Sex, nature and a bit of mystic in perfect combination

  2. Splendid imagery describing the blood of Gods… 🙂

  3. somehow all is here-the mess, the flesh, the heat, the blood, the passion, theloss, from animal human to fractal largess – amazing.

  4. Very raw and moving imagery… marvelous.

  5. if one were to see a shapeshifter interacting with the woods
    I believe they would see your thoughts you have painted in such vivid clarity…
    Wonderful BlueAngelWolf….
    Take Care…You Matter…

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