Forgive Me


Forgive me when
This mirror I hold up projects
A light that kills your love

Forgive me when
You reflect back to me
What I never care to see

Forgive me for being ugly
When seeing that you are too

Forgive you, me, myself and I?
Of course ~~ it should be done
How else will we truly shine?

Outward from a Christos Sun
Inward toward a beloved One



~ by blueangelwolf on December 18, 2013.

11 Responses to “Forgive Me”

  1. Well, this has to get a central place on my blog. Thank you, love.


  3. perfection! ❤

  4. Reblogged this on horselearning and commented:
    I love the work on this blog x I needed to share…

  5. I had to reblog x this really spoke to me today. Thank you.

  6. I had never read the quote by Jung before- I love it!

  7. Came here this time via “horselearner”; love that image/quote combination.

    • wow…wish only well is all i can do this fine day in 2014 many months laterzzzz. thought this might have been a new post it today ,,,in response,,,but well,,,as so it is ,,was a response way back whence once upon a time and forgiven many times over angel of light was in my life 🙂 ……over an out frum da’ Q came to me via email today! apparently wanted me to see i suppose ? …….all i can say to all of it is why oh why, namaste’ 2 all frum Q…especially those whom have abused me i thought wanted forgiveness today? hmmm is all i can say… hasta’….

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