If We All Lived in a Glass House



She set out to build a glasshouse
Bricks became panels of translucence
Each painted vibrant with flowers, birds, and animals,
Nature reflecting nature as waves of light washed over them

But as her beautiful house rivaled most others
They threw stones ~~
Ugly people build ugly cities externalizing guilt

But as each stone hit a brick of glass
A shard flew into the eye of the thrower,
And as one eye was blinded it turned inward ~~
Within each thrower a new light started to glow,
Guilt became a shard revealing pain
And cracked open, revelation lit beauty again

Many began a new dream of grey city streets
Flung out into gates of glass
Reflecting ripples of nature,
As arms gathering and welcoming
Songs of birds, waving of wild flora ~~
Visions restored, city streets became ribbons celebrating
Oneness polishing beaming human rays





~ by blueangelwolf on January 8, 2014.

6 Responses to “If We All Lived in a Glass House”

  1. I so love your pantheistic spirituality

  2. This was awesome- I love the part about the blinded eye turning inward.

  3. The master of singers ,the song of the Heart as Odin pulls one eye, evermore inward, to return the Sidhhi gift of sight.
    Ride Valkyrie ride .

    Excellent poem

  4. so wonderfully reflective! 😀

  5. if we lived in glass houses, guess i wouldn’t walk around in underwear all day….

  6. This is BEAUTIFUL….The words, the imaginations , Totally exquisite ! xx

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