Planetary Suicide


Heart-beat unheard,

Voice in the wind,

Where are the strong-hearted ones to listen?

In the scream of make-believe

Players are acting out the end-game,

Bound to the noose,

Held by the masters of the show

Behind the curtain bound to the script,

They are striking out your moments

Down to the choke-hold,

Fingers drumming out your last two seconds,

Breathe one out to repent to the devil,

Breathe one in to repent to your god.

In the deafening scream of make-believe

The show must go on.

There is a heart beat unheard

There is a voice in the wind

But no one listens

In the culture of make-believe,

In the strangle-hold of end-game laws,

At the break-over point,

Screaming back is the heart beat unheard,

Whimpering now there in the wind ~~~~

Where are the strong-hearted ones to listen?



~ by blueangelwolf on January 20, 2014.

6 Responses to “Planetary Suicide”

  1. the duality even in the breathing –

    • Duality is the problem “exactly” so is bi-polarity… but makes for quisicle poetry huh 😦 wheres the dislike button this morning 😦

  2. Excellent Poem

  3. Duality could be the problem. Enlightenment is a non-dual state.

    Very good poem !!!

  4. Loved the sentiment expressed… I will hit the dislike button to bring you a smile. πŸ™‚ As I said I loved it so the dis like button would work! lol

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