When the Cage Door Opens




In the afterlife all the same
We shall meet
Though I don’t know your mythic name

I will call out nonetheless
And as you answer
Love will turn us limitless

What was hidden will be visible
Veins of spirit exposed
Entwining us both indivisible

In life love wants to become enough
But after this life
Everything reveals itself as Love








~ by blueangelwolf on February 9, 2014.

4 Responses to “When the Cage Door Opens”

  1. u really beliueve that don’t ya what a crime ang:( cant believe ur game against this LIFE NOW! 😦

  2. “love will turn us limitless”

  3. Everything reveals itself as love in the afterlife… What a wonderful thought! Well-penned.

  4. It’s all an illusion ………..

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