Astral Journey


Banished you and I
Primordial skate
Our figure eight
Striking blue notes
As we pulsing float
Around opposing curves

Five billion years too late
As we trip and stumble
Vortex crazy crumble
Merry-go-round bumble
On auto-pilot we never meet

Shrunk together two mice
Archon caught in cold stare
Of cat’s eye nebula hair
Awaits our birth instant
When we explode two thrice

Converge by a blast wave
Rebounding from the core
We join in another round
Of mutual cloud collapse
Binding our heart sight
To form our haven flames
United past lesser light
Weave god/goddess chains

Again order and sublimity
Forms from formless mass
Chalice of unbridled night
Opens to a new-born light
Black boredom to color play

Vibrations in vast compassion
Bliss creates its bliss
Worlds within worlds interfere
Fractal cut space abyss
How often have we passed through each other

How often did we answer each others call
In recognition timeless observers
Matching our crystalline structure
How often did we join in astral travels enthrall


Figure Eight



~ by blueangelwolf on February 13, 2014.

6 Responses to “Astral Journey”

  1. this is truly inspired poetry Blueangelwolf,
    a real pleasure to read from start to finish.

  2. creatively
    brought me
    along 🙂

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  4. “How often did we join in astral travels enthrall” Beautiful!!!! 🙂 Loved the whole vividly painted scene… eternally it would seem or at least in a dream.

  5. Yes Joe 🙂

  6. Yes Joe………

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