How Uni-Verse Began and Is

 In its myriad forms, the great
plenitude of being is poured out, streaming from the womb of potentiality,
exploding into act. A kind of metaphysical combustion seems smoldering in the fabric of things, a surge of incipient energy breaking out of the bounds of its nuclear forms and disappearing into the beyond. It is this transformation the poets celebrate. ~ Robinson Jeffers

She was Sphere
Complete and holding all potential
Within perfection

He was Space
Void as void
Dark and waiting

One moment in timelessness
He felt power near
It was a feeling beyond any
It was Sphere

Though Space did not know
Even Space was encompassed
Within Sphere

But he had to say the first Word

That’s when it started

The infinite urge of Space
To bridge the space
Between Space and Sphere

In that moment in timelessness
Suddenly Space knew incompleteness
Darkness knew it was dark
And that there was an Other

Space needed somewhere to place all that infinity
That endlessness, that eternal infernal waiting

He popped the very first question
Like the very first diamond offering
Glittering in space dark

Then Love was born

When Space gave Sphere space to explode galaxies
And infinite space to play
Sphere birthed creation day

And Sphere is still forever changing Her mind

As creation forever changes

Without Space expectations
A single thought of outcomes

Else Sphere will collapse and be gone

Thus is the dance of Space/Sphere Love



~ by blueangelwolf on February 25, 2014.

3 Responses to “How Uni-Verse Began and Is”

  1. Great quote/poem from Robinson Jeffers! What is the title of the poem?

    • The quote is from the book: Robinson Jeffers, Dimensions of a Poet
      edited by Robert J. Brophy

      Jeffers was a poet ~~ 10 January 1887 – 20 January 1962 / Allegheny, Pennsylvania and his poems can be found on the net.

      The poem under the video is my own entitled: How Uni-Verse Began and Is, ~~ inspired by the Jeffers quote to some degree.

      Thank you for reading 🙂

  2. Beautiful poem…:)

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