Knocking Up Heaven’s Door


Remains of something in the air
Clouds roll and rise
Rapid yeast growing tongues
Ribbed chains of snake fear

Remains of birds falter in flight
Chem-trails roll and rise
Rendezvous with war plans
Regalia for rite of greed

Small screens of distraction everywhere
Block out the small screams now
Desert within so desert without
Dead as a Dodo to be our legacy

Remains of melted minds display docility
File along below ant-like
The hill soaked with blood of victories
As long as the queen is safe
As long as the queen is safe
Repeat repeat repeat over and out





~ by blueangelwolf on February 27, 2014.

4 Responses to “Knocking Up Heaven’s Door”

  1. Good work with this one. This poem made me think of the bees that are dying from the new pesticides used in the U.S. The bees are trying to keep the queen safe. So futile. (This is probably not what you had in mind. But you cant’ control what those whacky readers think, eh?) I like the environmental and social activism. Keep writing. Alice

  2. I clicked “follow” just now. I can wait to read more. Alice

  3. You can’t many sighs from an artificial sky.
    Great writing as always and
    Great Photo of Mt. Rushmore

  4. Good day!
    First of all, thanks for dropping by in my blog–The Misty Lady–! hope more visits in the future and vice versa 🙂
    by the way, I nominated you “I’m Not Featured On Freshly Pressed” Award !
    take a look in this link
    Happy blogging! God bless!
    Break a leg! 🙂

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