Home and Haven


Hold my organic light
Home and haven of my terrestrial body
Caress all sentient beings in continuum
Up from melting core of earthbound essence
Devotion spark in eyes of earth’s lost children

Your mirror angel doubles dwell serenely
Diamond distill in parallel Andromeda worlds
Quench into quantum open glances gone astray

Come back to me again
Wandering star-soul harbored nightingale
Be no more led blind by virtual reality
In vast mechanic motions of dead planets vile
Come back to me on orbs of purple ardent light 
Heart tuned to reaching hands impressed once more

Sing my true name
Nocturnal one known beyond necessity’s caprice
All time’s anquish and ecstasy shall be resolved
A mad story wind power swept over my flaming waves
In every grain of life unbind all ties Archon bound

Glow forth from me again
Through me know your sacred light
Through me vision quest my new-born earth
Hold my organic sight my conscious carriers
Spark my Home and Haven my all-species symbiosis



~ by blueangelwolf on March 4, 2014.

One Response to “Home and Haven”

  1. I love to feel your poetry.

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