Mystery of my own story

Seed of my own myth

High gate past the fire sword,

Buzz of bees in my brain

Never lazy egos in fields of clover,

Weighted and anchored to the material

I crash to the beyond ~~

Neuron goddess burning into me

Tempest love contoured

Until mercurial meanderings

Return to my flesh,

So familiar to your touch ~~

I have been with you

Many times before affected

To the glowing point of fire

In the long hours!

Chisel the script

As I give you my every thought,

All the syllables and aching vowels ~~

Vision-midwife a strong passion,

Mind kneels before the open heart

Body emblazoned a lettered shell,

Swept into life’s ocean naked

On the raft of wisdom words taken by moths

Burned and consumed into white

Eternal birth drawing nigh ~~

I came to you with half,

Inside paper walls cards were thrown

Molten predictions messaged,

A horned  moth

Released toward a new light,

I squeezed through the broken pane

Laser beamed into the sight of all

Cells aligned to one purpose,

Logic bird panting grounded

As violet lightning draws down

Live wiring my nerves,

From head to toe

Heart past hell/heaven bent

Scorched wings falling away

Scar tissue ripped open

A single sacred feather lightness

Rush into otherness ~~

The Beloved ambush of Gnosis.



~ by blueangelwolf on March 5, 2014.

7 Responses to “Arcanum”

  1. Such a sensuous mystic

  2. very good, all the syllables and aching vowels ache
    the beloved ambush of gnosis in the morning
    the first thing that I read today

  3. I have to say that image gave me chills! It screams to me “A Woman who Owns her Power of Womanhood” (well that is my interpretation) I look at ti and your words and feel nothing but strength.

  4. yes gorgeous!

  5. Wow….beautiful image and enchanting words….Kim

  6. Beautifully written – Intelligent and insightful

  7. mystery is why u would evr want to hurt on the people u say u love and break thier evr loving heart mind and soul 😦 for an eternal plight to be insane to me killing me softly u have now 😦 is so sad here 😦 as u gase into ur crystal vbal;l with ur photographer 😦 yeah thats love 😦 and what troll next we shall see huh 😦 who has the most mopney and the bigest wanger huh 😦

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