Transmutation Sex





“””There is a mingling that leadeth to death, and there is a mingling that

leadeth to life.””  ~~~ Lost Saying of Jesus

Love-light ever flowing
Holds inner secret thus
Between two pillars twining
All yin and yang combining
When my alchemy stirs and holds
Upward internal fire flows
Sparking higher and higher union 
Within creates transmutation
Death as vain out-flowing ceases
Union inward true art of peace
Upward not downward elixir pull
Vibration penetrates thought-crucible
Unfolds your golden flower food
All this material plane bathed more
In that holy holy love-light renewed
Outshines all angels in galactic core






~ by blueangelwolf on March 19, 2014.

10 Responses to “Transmutation Sex”

  1. Very beautiful

  2. Wow….powerful poem; incredibly art work. Thank you for sharing. Kim

  3. Fabulous and inspirational. How many angels are in the galactic core? I could see them dancing. 🙂

  4. You are on a whole different level 🙂 I love your work

  5. Why would I advertise where I was physically? Mousehole or otherwise, I am hiding in plain sight 🙂

  6. what a lie u are 😦 an a fearful cheat 😦 can;t handle reality has to delete every truth and make up lies is ur very own sick choice 😦 have it ur way liar!:(

  7. This is another excellent poem blue angel. I will have to read you more often. It’s reay very good.

  8. ur ruthless 😦

  9. what a sad freikking story ur life has become with me now 😦 no poetic justice here jest poetic miss justice of falsity an lies an taking more than she ever gave to all but write this new sick book of life ,,frum under a hat. . . cruel insults over the years in her publik display of arrogant abuse of soul 😦 1000% opposite of whom ya evr said ya were,,,? ur bi-polar unkindness! to me affecting another so negatively! 😦 ur deal ur karma ur life ur lies 😦


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