@*@*@* Explosion *@*@*@



We didn’t just leave the cake out in the rain
Icing swooned us into storm
Axe fell party was over and dead birds rained
Had no idea then of forlorn
What you asked for when you asked in secret

In the end always delusion born
Pressed between rose and thorn lain
Simulations of the adored brain game
Virtual reality and unintended consequences
Of snuffing out my flame
Fear of death agenda can’t you see





~ by blueangelwolf on April 7, 2014.

3 Responses to “@*@*@* Explosion *@*@*@”

  1. “dead birds rained” What a frightening line. Great poem.

  2. Dead birds happen quite frequently now. There are theories and they all have to do with mankind’s negligence and disregard of nature

  3. Real and surreal…poem and photo…superb…

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