~*~* TWIG ~*~*~


Torn twigs there

Find a nest home

By a bird’s magic care

Sing back point source

I am this planet’s artery

Preparing life’s force

Pleroma bound to weave

A planetary essence

My lungs do breathe



~ by blueangelwolf on May 28, 2014.

18 Responses to “~*~* TWIG ~*~*~”

  1. Just gorgeously well said! 🙂

    • if u opnly knew her truth 😦 and ewhy she says the bs she says 😦 i am sorry 😦

      • what the hecks the matter with you?

      • not I lady..I’m not the matter anymore is the problem, but suckh as life dealing with blue angels that are really wolves that feed offa men 😦 for sex an money 😦 watz da matter is i am sorry i love her! cya…readme er not,,,ur deal,,i got 5 years of my honorable life into her dishonest wayz against my povketbook and dick , jest read the love poetry and the one titled pencil dick dont get it says crow in this twisted up poetically imperfekt werld here now 😦

      • whats the matter with me is people who point fingers unnecessarily and take sides without knowing the truth of what and why they read what they read!

      • I’m not taking any sides, I have no clue what you are ranting about… I am wondering why you are posting on MY comment, it has nothing to do with you. If you have personal issues with someone, speak to them personally, don’t troll off of someone elses comment in a public place, a person who just stopped by the just read the poetry. Have a happy weekend.

      • well, for a person who stops bye to read the poetry u have a lotta com3ements over time anbd well, u need to know why she writes this shit she has! if not well then live with ur own perception of the TRUTH! i am sorry u an many other readers think the dark stuff with 2 meaning is kewl,, as u should also know that there are 2 sides to evry storym if ya bother to care! er know if not well i am sorry u are yes part of the ONE SIDE,,,if u don;t care why she writes what she does, then so be it, tell me to have a happy weekend after having my life handed to me alone and her to have all the money! what an insane gamne against another human being is all i can say,, little do the readers know why or care to apparently! cya…

      • ps; it had evrything to do with me sorry lady but it does……………..an did!

      • I hope things go better for you soon

      • thank u i am truly sorry to have said anything to u like ur stuff etc etc,,,but don’t click like ever cuz i didn’t want the jelous heart after me more..as with all her other blogger trollz and guyz who tag o her etc etc,,i do not go there, ever but out of respect went there with u so u’d understand maybe more what u read in this poetry through out these pages here…thank U things can’t really get any werse they can only get better when ur at ur bottom anyhew…be safe & watch out fer the trolls and the multiple different wordpress sites from the same people… Q

  2. Wonderful

    • think so huh 😦 guesss ya don’t have a clue do ya 😦 the farce has gone on long enuff , she don’t even got no studio , all lies 😦

  3. https://blueangelwolf.wordpress.com/2013/04/11/ragnarok/comment-page-1/#comment-1017

  4. so sorry u no longer have any self esteem 😦

  5. ait no artery mnore like a earthquake that send ripples all across my world u are 😦 whjat on earth did i evr do to hurt you huh:( what did i evr do to deserve all ur lies and BS:( for years huh:( all so u could get a few dollars more huh:( http://quarksire.wordpress.com/2014/05/30/victimship-denied-again/

    • I am so very sorry for your sadness my friend, i have had similar experiences to yours. I have no concept at all with what has passed between you and blueangelwolf and I don’t wish to know, it’s really between you and her, a very private thing. I find it interesting though that blueangelwolf allows your comments…she has editing rights and could easily delete your comments but never has…perhaps m’lady you might join this conversation and offer your side of this sad story.

      • yeah without taking werds that i say from the comments i say also…she has deleted plenty of comments yes yes and has taken werds away from others so they do not mean what they say also…so is what it is thanks for ur reply an concern……..is a trip i’m jest a pawn in a queens game and she has all the money among other things like twigs! Q

  6. Priestess, your photo and words dance together in beauty, enjoyed in levels beyond understanding…

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