~*~ Remembered ~*~



Dream voice call shades my eyes to day

Muted two hands motionless they lay

Winsome song my one true lover

With you seek our astral uncover

Twilit boundary edges of sanctity and sin

No sanctuary this cosmic exalted rim

Washed away we ferry wayward wind

One raging wave no shore to find

As one become a lighted flame

Two souls more than earth entwined

Hand in hand two fates fell and came

To push aside curtains of sleep and lies

Gravitated in waterfall mists

Awakening all knowing in each others’ eyes

A shining star long-felt trysts

Ancient rays broke bonds mortal ruins laid

Vision quest we sought and found contained

When remembered You and You knew me True








~ by blueangelwolf on June 11, 2014.

7 Responses to “~*~ Remembered ~*~”

  1. Good rest of day my friend.


  2. i loved “Two souls more than earth entwined/Hand in hand two fates fell and came”. beautiful writing today.

  3. to bad the onbly thing i can remeber today bout u is u tortured me for 4 years an all for a few dollars more 😦 really is unkind and unjust u give love and womanhood a bad name:( angie my love 😦 i hate what u have done for a few dollars more an jest to hurt on me 😦 i am sorry but is what it is 😦 crazee 😦 😦 😦 😦 an to think i loved u more than all things on the planet 😦

  4. Like the rhythm of the words…it needs a dark or sultry raspy voice to recite it ;))

  5. UR A CRIMINAL! u owe me 2 er 3 grand plus woman and more than an apology! perty viscious and selfish and mean for u to steal from me 😦 and lie to me and mistreat me 😦 what ever for to be the 1000% hipocryte of ur own life to ur own god u dont believe in 😦 what a crime:(

  6. ur memory is bout as long as ur insults of me ,,,as my pencildick is ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;witch 😦

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