Full Moon Friday 13th


Entitlement Darling ~~  I wish you luck
Is no child’s play any day,
I understand the number Thirteen
Will remind you I’m a witch,
And as for that full strawberry moon
Remember when you came too soon?

Entitlement Honey ~~ I wish you luck
You knew I was a wolf at heart
No spirit mouse-destined-for-dust,
I hunt the deeper truth no matter what,
The death of delusion fires my blood

Damaged and doomed they call in the flood,
And I cannot let those halos go to rust
To find the special one that will not cut.

We all in the end sound in our wolf who scours
Hungry eyes tell life has the entitlement of death!

How do I relinquish what we claimed was ours?

Entitlement Sweetheart ~~ I wish you luck
A new story is rising and sure it will bend
Nirvana and samsara to be the same in the end,
Just send my kiss to the living flame,
Always our daimon, our demon and our duende.

How do I relinquish what we claimed was ours?



~ by blueangelwolf on June 18, 2014.

4 Responses to “Full Moon Friday 13th”

  1. how? well first ya got to become honest, and stop acting like a selfish witch u claimed to be : why steal hearts and money and insult others for not beinbg perfect anyhow and make up lies bout them and steal from them i jest can’t understand:( deppressing to say the least you played this 5 year game on me for a few dollars more….oh i am so sorry i came too soon and loved u 2

  2. ? is why would u want to? relenquish? 😦 anything that was “OURS” when u took assaulted took more and assaulted more 😦 is a drag u decided to claim to be this witch u act like and take from me my love, my money and my time an my life 😦 neglegence and denial and ignorance of facts and the truth will never be any excuse for u , u choose to cut open and up on my soul 😦 was ur choice, so poetically messed up mean and unkind u have become to me, false judgements and assumptions rule ur life of SPELLS 😦 hurting on others like ME 😦

  3. yes death and delusionment fires ur blood, karma will be urs ; u were not entitled to take thousands of dollars from me 😦 and cut me off:( u know this so does ur unpoetic heart of hearts now:( so poetically unsound:(

  4. being a good poet does not entitle u to lie steal and hurt on those whom u said u loved also 😦 can’t justify that no matter what ya make up! or convince that god of rightness …but who cares anymore huh how much u hurt another human being like me with ur word frum under ur hat, claiming to now be a witch and a bringer of bad fortune, well that u have brought to me:( for that i am truly sorry today u chose to neglect and steal money from another human pert unrightious yeah ifn ya ask me , wont answer my mails or texts and havent been home since the 7th so whatever , UR NOT ENTITLED TO WHAT U HAVE TAKEN! ALL THERE IS TO IT! nor are u entitled to lie and abuse 😦 god forgive ur act 😦

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