Green Man Appeal


~~~ ” “If anything on this poisoned planet gives us hope of renewal it is this

simple foliate head that has been there in one form or another since the

beginning.” ~~~ Mike Harding


Clear focus beneath the life turning
Catch me in whirlwind of leave-taking
Forest burn with replenished green
I have been gone far too long
Too long swept by the search-light
Over veins of poplars waving to stars
Arrowed to dark spaces of night sky
I shall distill myself into your gaze
Now germinal to poems you will yet write

Look at me in language of innocence
Bathed in gregarious wonder of gratitude
Balance me between action and surrender
Let us entwine on the trellis of wonder
If there is anything left of emerald ways
Let me be bark to your rings of time
Protective spirit to your spring lime
On each leaf tremble orbs rainbow shine
Unfurl inside me all that is forlorn
I will guard the bower of your beauty
Where perfume of wild roses wand the bees
To pollen brightness for our honey love











~ by blueangelwolf on June 25, 2014.

11 Responses to “Green Man Appeal”

  1. I like this! 😀 you are so amazing!

  2. Amazing !

  3. Nature and sexual love are two great inspirations. Loved it.

  4. acceptance 😦 ytruth honor respect love,,,,,,,,,,NOT IN BLUE ANGEL that is a Wolf!s werld 😦


  6. u “DESERVE” AND ARE “ENTITLED” to this! for ur 3 thousand plus dollars!

  7. the poem is fabulous as is the artwork…is the framed painting by you?

  8. whats ur deal anyhow huh 😦 u don’t like the truth 😦 of course u will ignore more intentionally for a reaction huh 😦 neglect denial, ignorance, self defeat, betrayal,mean unkind real actions towards me, thievery of my money, chastised by u 😦 oh i wunder why now angela who will not respond 😦 but flaunts herself round the world with “MY MONEY” I SENT FOR US! 😦 how unfair of u to steal it all and run 😦 hide and seek ,what evr on earth for not the angela i ever knew an met 😦

  9. To be drawn downstream
    in the gravity of a thousand minds
    who simply lost their way.
    A thousand minds that twisted the river
    away from earth’s sweetness
    into the mine shaft of men’s greed.
    So it must be.
    So it must be.
    Open me to the kindness
    of a child’s delicate hand when it reaches out to be held……………………………………..please,, or send me 2 grand!

  10. gone for another week out spe4nding my money huh :()

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